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ROA About Us

From an early age artifacts and old weapons have facinated me. In fact the most exciting childhood dreams took the form of the discovery of a hidden treasure trove of antique guns lost for decades until the inqusitive explorations of a small boy unearthed them. I would always be awakened by the excitement.

Since that time, and starting with a collection of antique military helmets, I have collected antique weapons and over the years expanded my collection and knowledge to include many superbe examples of military and sporting arms from the centuries.

Rusty Old Arms was originally established to run alongside our other principal business interests and the name was somewhat tonge in cheek. However, since those early days ROA has developed into a well respected and well known focal point for the sales of antique arms for discerning collectors from all over the world. Our clients include private individuals, institutions, museums as well as the film industry. As pationate collectors for nearly forty years we pride ourselves in the fact that all of our pieces are genuine and original and are purchased from reputable sources around the world.

Our base is now uniquely in France from where we are able to offer our customers excellent service and advice and aim to offer a wide variety of fine pieces to suit most budgets with a strong committment to customer service. Whether you are looking for a sound investment piece or are looking for that first entry piece to start your collection we are always available to give clear and impartial advice.

ROA is and will remain a family concern with a mission statement to bring to its customers an ever increasing variety of interesting, quality pieces at competitive prices.