PLEASE CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW - FINE SPANISH PERCUSSION BELT PISTOL, LARGE 17MM BORE - with 16cm tapering round barrel, hexagonal breach section embossed and lined in gold with the makers stamp, turned at the muzzel and inlaid with silver in script 'Fabricado por Alberdi en Eilbar' and dated 'Ano de 1842',  engraved tang with upswept wings to form the rear sight, flat spacely engraved and border line engraved lock signed 'En Eybar', cock in the form of a seated lion, walnut fullstock with chequered panels at the grip and iron engraved mounts comprising trigger guard with pineapple finial, back strap, butt cap with lanyard ring back plate and belt hook, romrod entry pipe and brass tipped heavily tapering ramrod almost certainly the original.  Some wear to the chequering of the stock most notably on the left side accociated with having been worn at the belt and a tiny chip near the muzzel, the rest excellent with good action and the barrel to a russet patina overall, action good with sharp half and full-cock and good spring pressure and return of the trigger.  Altogether a very good example and in excellent original condition.  33cm overall, 13 inches.
Price: £1,299.00

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