sold - French Pistol Maréchaussée Model 1770 - sold

PLEASE CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW - Pistol Maréchaussée Model 1770, dated 1792 - with 12.75cm tapering heavy round barrel marked with the numbers 92 at the breach for 1792, regulation lock marked 'Maubeuge, Manuf N'le, walnut fullstock and steel mounts comprising trigger guard, butt cap and end cap pierced for the ramrod and with the correct pattern ramrod possibly the original. In good condition the stock with a few very minor defects including two inlet repairs at the butt (well executed), (all parts present and in good repair), the springs strong with half and full-cock, some very light pitting to metal parts but generally very good and the signature on the lock clear. A very heavy and robust little pistol, good interior to barrel and barrel wall thickness. sold sold sold


Price: £795.00

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