PLEASE CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW - FRENCH HOLSTER OR SASH PISTOL, CIRCA 1760 - with 20.75 cm two stage barrel, turned at the muzzle and mid point, hexagonal breach, flat, belled and signed lock (signature obscured), highly figured walnut full-stock carved with foliage around the tang and raised borders around the lock, ramrod channel and trigger guard, oval silver escutcheon bearing the owners monogram, iron mounts including long eared butt cap, border line engraved back plate, bevelled and foliate engraved trigger guard and two ramrod pipes and with ebony horn tipped ramrod probably the original.  A very original pistol in excellent condition, mechanism functioning perfectly, the metalwork without corrosion and all angles good and exhibiting very little wear, the woodwork with only light signs of use, good bore and percussion nipple and altogether a original and attractive piece.   Converted to percussion from flintlock circa 1835. 16mm at the muzzle.  37cm overall.


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