PLEASE CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW - TURKISH CONTRACT PEABODY MARTINI RIFLE, .45 TURKISH - an almost identical copy of the MkII Martini Henry rifle in .45 Turkish or 11.43 x 55R.  In good overall condition with tight action, no play in the lock up, percussion not tested (no cases of the right size), the bore with Henry rifling now somewhat worn and worse towards the muzzle but none the less would make a shooter if required - but never a top example.  The wood and metalwork in good condition overall.  The ramrod of the right type and original but not made for this gun.  Excellent for reinactment. Barrel 83cm, 124cm overall.  Turkish arsenal makings and proofs.  Three regulation sling swivels.  This is a rare variant and rarely comes to the market.  Most were either converted to other calibers, scrapped or captured in conflict.


Price: £645.00

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