All items in this category can be owned by non prohibited persons without the need for a shotgun licence or firearms licence.

All items are classified as Antique in the UK as they are obsolete calibre or otherwise exempt under section 58 (2) of the 1968 Firearms Act to be held as a curiosity or ornament (See Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law October 2014 Appendix 5). As such no certificate is required for ownership in the UK provided they are held as the afore-mentioned and not fired. These items are also classified as Historical and Collectible Weapons and Category D-2-e, (06.09.2013) Firearms in The Weapon Categories of the Defence Code under French Firearms Regulations. They do not require a licence for ownership in France.


These historical pieces are being sold strictly as a curio or ornament for their historical significance or value. We do not recommend the use or firing of any weapons sold. It should be noted that the firing of these items may constitute a breach of Firearms legislation in the event that the requisite permits have not been obtained.


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